Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Details Details

What is your favorite thing to find in an old quilt?  My top three are:  trapunto, dates, and signatures. So, today's details are all about the signatures (and some other inkings).  I took all the photos for this post at the Lovely Lane event I attended on Sunday and they are from Baltimore album quilts in their collection.  It's a little hard to read but I love the design on this one.  It's one I'd like to try myself.  In case you cannot make it out, the date is 1847 (Reverend Roberts quilt).

I love all the birds you can find on BAQs.  The fabric in this bird is similar to some reproductions I've seen but if you look closely you will see that the small squiggles (technical term) are much crisper than what we see today and are a smaller scale.

There are inked birds in addition to the applique birds.

Miss Colvin still uses the old "fs" instead of "ss."  I wonder if she was a drefsmaker?

Amanda A. Yearley has beautiful penmanship.  Should I say she has a "good hand?"

Lots of inking here.  Note the bible and inked details in the flowers.

And, finally, enjoy taking in all the inked details in these flowers.  No need to find just the right fabric when you can draw your own.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Ask an antique quilt lover what is the advantage to living near Baltimore, Maryland, and I suspect she would say...Baltimore album quilts.  I seize the opportunity to see them every chance I get.  My favorite part of seeing them "in the flesh" is taking in the fabrics, quilting designs, techniques, and stitching.  Today I am sharing the wonderful details in just one block in the Reverend Wilkins quilt at the Lovely Lane Museum.  Above, is an adorable blue and yellow bird.  Note the blue ombre fabric and how rich and true the colors remain.

How about all the petals layered to create this flower?  Barbara Burnham (Baltimore Garden Quilt blog) teaches a class on making these layered flowers and they were used in the antique album quilt she owns on which she based her book - Baltimore Garden Quilt.  I guess you can say it was a Baltimore thing.

This layered flower goes a step further, incorporating two fabrics in its many layers of petals.  I love that star in the center.

Isn't the pink fabric in this flower sweet?  There are more great details with the reverse applique and the fussy cutting for the flower center.

I'm guessing the variety of blue berries came from the same blue ombre fabric from which the bird was made.

Another great flower with reverse applique and another fussy cut center.

Here is our sweet pink fabric again peeking out from this dangling flower.  Sorry to all you gardeners out there - I don't know plant names.

Put all these details together and what do you get?  A charming and cheerful basket of flowers!
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