Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stop the bleeding!

It looks so innocent, doesn't it?  After my last fiasco with Benjamin Biggs block 5 that sent me into an 8 month sulk I finished block 6 with more than a little anxiety.  I thought perhaps that leaving block 5 to soak for about an hour (I got distracted, it happens) might have exacerbated the bleeding from the reds whether it was the fabric or the threads.  So, this time I whipped the block out of the water as soon as I was sure the blue markings were gone.  I squeezed the excess water out and began pressing.  This is what I saw...

Yes, that's what I saw.  I won't tell you what I said.  It wasn't nice.  These are different reds than block 5 - a solid, probably Kona, and pre-washed.  I literally watched the color just ooze right into the white fabric.  There is a halo on the front but not as bad as the last block.  Seeing how the lines show up from the gathers of the fabric makes me think that it's not the thread's fault here.  But, there is a mystery.

I had already started block 6 when I washed block 5 and was traumatized by the color bleed.  All but two of the red berries were sewn down.  I only have two of the plastic templates so I make them two at a time.  Being an instant gratification kind of gal I need to sew them down right away so I can then hold the block up and gaze at the cute little circles for awhile. (you are probably starting to get an idea of why I am so slow at appliqueing these blocks).  I starched all but the last two circles which remained gathered and squeezed together inside my needle book.  [Ooooh, that's where they were - it did take awhile to find what I had done with them.]  Anyway, they were nicely creased and I didn't see a need for an iron, much less starch for these two.  Those are the ones in the picture above - left and center.  The right one was sewn 8 months ago and had been starched.  So, my questions are:

  • Is it the fabric that bled?  The same fabric is used in all three circles.
  • Is there some weird chemical thing that happens because of the starch.  The two "clean" circles had no starch.
  • Is it the thread?  The tiny bit of bleeding on the "clean" circles is at the edges where the thread is.  It is the same thread used in all circles.

I am now completely paranoid about red fabric.  When pre-washing the fabrics for block 7 I stitched a piece of the red to my background fabric and used a color catcher in the wash load.  The sample at the top is what happened.  Ack!!  Now, this was the first wash so I gave the fabric a second chance and stitched another (post-wash) piece to the back ground fabric.  The bottom sample is the result.  Better, much better.  But, blocks 5 and  6 were made with pre-washed red fabric and they still bled.  I almost dropped everything - again - but am holding onto the hope that the bleeding has finished for this piece of fabric.  

Here is the full shot of the back.  Fortunately, the bleeding is worse from the back than the front.  I took a class with Mimi Dietrich 16 years ago and she told us to dry our block face down because water evaporates up.  That way, the bleeding will go into the background.  Seems she's right.

P.S. The color catcher came out hot pink.
P.P.S.  The thread hasn't been ruled out as a suspect yet.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

If not now, when?

That is not a typo - I eagerly made this small quilt last January (2015) with the intention of sharing the pattern with my blog friends. But..I thought if I wanted things to be perfect, I should quilt and bind it. I think this little quilt messed with my quilting karma all last year. I do like it and it's on my finish list for this year. Just to be safe, I'll add a "7" when I draw the pattern.

I haven’t done a blog post since May 24, 2015, and I’ve only managed 16 over the last two years. That’s not even one per month.  Now, don’t think I kid myself and imagine there are readers just waiting for me to ramble on about (mostly) quilting.  But, thinking about what to say on my blog kept me thinking about quilting.  And if I was thinking about quilting enough I was usually doing some quilting.  My number of blog entries about quilting directly correlate to the amount of time spent on quilting.  How’s that for being statistical about it?

One of the first things I'm doing is turning my scraps from a mess of fabrics jammed in a box to squares cut into a variety of useful sizes. I save scraps in very small sizes and am almost embarrassed to say how long it took to cut up the tiny pieces in this box.

I started 2016 with instructions to myself…lose the phrases “I want to…” and “I will be…”  I also asked myself, “If not now, when?”  If I’m not sewing today, every day, when will I sew?  If it makes me so happy, why don’t I sew?  I looked around me and saw many quilting projects that were already planned and most were started.  How many?  Not sure.  That’s a question for another moment of soul searching.  I looked at what I am doing instead of sewing and, frankly, was a bit embarrassed to admit that I was on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook oogling what other quilters were accomplishing so much that I virtually stopped quilting myself.

You've seen these little guys before but I still love making them. I stash them around my house and on my bulletin board at work. Sometimes I send them to quilting friends when I think they need a little lift. I just love having a tiny quilt to pet.

Thanks to my wonderful daughter, I even got a new tool to help me get my *stuff* together.  I think those of us who are naturally disorganized have a special affinity for organizational tools because they give us hope.  For Christmas, she gave me what I consider the zenith of planners, the “Get to Work Book.”  Ironically, we discovered it on Instagram.  What’s my favorite part of the Get to Work Book?  The graph paper.  This planner has prompts, nudges and not-so-subtle motivational phrases along with enough project planning pages to actually plan some projects.  When I cracked it open, I thought to myself, “if not now, when” and I was off…  The two things I have committed to each day is to end that day with no more in my house than when the sun rose (reduce or at least don’t increase the clutter) and make sure I’m doing something that brings me happiness.  It’s a to-do:  Do something to make me happy.

Get to Work planner.  Seriously, check it out.
Got the photo from their website so visit

One of the first things I did was to take the two little quilts that were on the chair in my sewing room for m-o-n-t-h-s to Bellwether for hand quilting.  Sounds easy but someday I’ll have to figure out why they sat there until I wrote it down on my to-do list.  Check, done.  Next, I dug out an ancient WIP to assess and restart.  Well, I told myself to dig it out.  It became more of an odyssey to locate the parts.  The part of the top that was half done was in the basement (aka the Stash Cave) in a bin labeled Works in Progress, but the remaining blocks were not with it.  I found the blocks in a cart in my sewing room (aka the laundry room) while the fabric needed to complete the quilt was MIA.  Now, this fabric was manufactured sometime around 1998-2000.  If I couldn’t locate it I was out of luck.  It literally took me 3 hours to find that fabric.  I would have given up if I didn’t absolutely know I still had it.  I even found two pieces of already cut sashing and a cornerstone on my bedside table.  They were marking the page in a book I started reading two years ago.

Benjamin Biggs Block #6
If it were July 2014 I'd be all caught up!

So, what’s old is new again.  My WIP is my new project to finish.  Once I got all the parts located and lined up for sewing I …. went back to hand appliqueing my sixth Benjamin Biggs block.  Maybe I should also work on my attention span this year.
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