Sunday, May 24, 2015

Who done it?

It took me four months but I finally finished Benjamin Biggs block #5.  And then it was hit by vandals.  Nasty red ones.

Something bled but I'm not sure if it was the red print or the red thread.  I've used the red thread in other blocks but I soaked this one longer -- I had things to do so I just left it in the bowl of cold water.  I don't use any fabric without prewashing, but I know it can run even after that.  I soaked the block in a bowl of cold water twice and the water in the bowl had a definite pink look to it both times.  I added a color catcher the second time.  The center of the block was a mess after the first rinse so I ran to the store to buy a box of color catchers.  After the second rinse the center was better, water was pink, and the color catcher was still white. There was more red along the edges of the applique.  I can't figure it out.

So, here is BBiggs #5.  It's finished, it's pink, and it's staying that way, at least for now.  It took me ages to stitch it.  When I put it with the other blocks the background looked a little different so I am thinking I cut it from the wrong fabric in my stash.  If I get this quilt finished I am going to pretend it was a group project - me and all of my other personalities.  This one will be called "Elle Woods."  If you ever saw Legally Blonde you will know what I mean.

Scene of the crime.
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