Sunday, November 30, 2014


The stash monster has escaped.  I might not have time to sew but my favorite reproduction manufacturers keep printing great lines of fabrics so I keep acquiring them.  Problem is, when I buy them without a specific project or purpose I only get small pieces suitable for scrappy projects.  I like to keep them visible for inspiration and a reminder of which line they belong to should I ever get busy on a project and need to order more while it is still available.  That means there is a lot of fabric "visible" in my sewing space(s).  In fact, it has taken over.  Even the scrap box has blown its lid.  So, I've instituted the moratorium:  "Sew it or stow it."

Getting back into my own sewing after such a long break I decided to start with baby steps.  Or at least small quilt steps.  I used the scrap box for all the fabrics in the Bear Paw center of this little quilt and the border is from one of the fat quarters that are residing on my cutting table.  Funny thing, though.  After digging around in my scrap box the fabric has decompressed and is actually taking up more space.

The red and green quilt is a copy of one I saw at Temecula Quilt Company.  The fabrics are the Civil War Melody line designed by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics.  The fabric is still on the cutting table but I made a dent in it.


  1. These are just darling! You'll have that Stash Monster tamed in no time :)

  2. You are inspiring me. It's raining today, I think I'll go dig into my own stash/monster and sew!

  3. You have tamed the stash monster with wonderful projects! Love your stash! I recognize the red in the bear's paw, it resides in my CW stash box as well :0) Great fussy cut borders with the green JR fabric. Well done!

  4. Woohoo! Go for it, the lid is off now!

  5. Love both of these sweet little quilts. Keep 'em coming!! : )


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