Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Love Quilters

I happened upon this little surprise today.  I was all alone (fine by me) and wasn't in Chi-town for the show but it was a very happy coincidence.  When I was leaving the show after they closed tonight I ran into a lady steering her wheely cart with what had to be her machine.  We started chatting and I learned she came to the show from Mexico!!  They have a guild in Mexico City and a show coming up this October.  Don't you love it?

Then, I went out to dinner - in the neighborhood - and stumbled upon countless groups of other women who had "the look."  I won't describe it but you cannot deny that we all know it when we see it.  The exchange goes a little like this:
"Quilt show?"
"Taking classes?"
"Yes.  You?"
"No.  I just happened to see the show was going on so thought I'd stop in."
"Did you see that quilt... "
"Oh my gosh, I'd love to make one like that."
...and then we are off talking like we've know each other for years.  That is why I love quilters.  We are "sew sisters."

I first went to the Chicago International Quilt Show (festival?) back in 2009 and 2010.  Then, the organizers got the brilliant idea to move it to Cincinnati which was a non-starter for me.  They wised up and moved it back to Chicago in 2013 and here I am in 2014.  I had no expectations so am easily pleased.  The show designers hooked me real good when the first quilt I saw was this one.  It is a reproduction designed by Margo Hardie from New South Wales, Australia, from a Baltimore Album quilt.  I just love album quilts that look like an explosion of color and design.

One album always makes a show worth attending but then, I saw two!  Another Aussie, Rhonda Pearce, (do you girls just take more time to stop and savor your hand stitching?) reproduced a quilt in the American Museum in Bath, England.  What I loved the most was the scale of her hand quilting.  I think it was twice as much as I see on a lot of very fine quilts.

Above is the reproduction of a quilt in the American Museum in England.

I hope I captured the quilting in this one.  It made such a difference in the overall look of the quilt.

This is not me doing shadow puppets of a woman taking pictures of quilts.  Okay, it is.

This is just a pop in posting.  I've been a total blog slacker for about a year.  I am determined to change that.  I find that when I am blogging, I am sewing.  I want to sew which means I better blog.  I haven't been doing my own stitching but I've been making sure that the quilt shops stay in business during my hiatus.  I've gotten back to planning projects and carrying on that eternal debate:  "Should I buy this fabulous fabric or USE MY STASH?"  My personal stance on that is on shifting sands.  Hey, I just visited a quilt show so you know I've got some more fabric.  Maybe even a new machine but I'm not saying.
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