Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jaw dropping quilting

The DAR Museum in Washington has started monthly (2nd Tuesday) workshops featuring a theme along with examples from their collection.  This month - November 2013 - the theme was "stuffing" which is amusingly appropriate given the Thanksgiving holiday this month.  For a very reasonable fee, up to 20 quilt enthusiasts may participate.  Consider me a quilt enthusiast. It is always a challenge to photograph quilting in a way that those viewing the pictures can truly appreciate the quilting.  And, I only had my iphone for a camera.  So, I played a bit with Picasa to try to bring out the depth of quilting in the beauties we saw.

The example of stippling and trapunto in the eagle motif above was one of my favorites.  Probably because I am gathering eagle motifs for a very special project.  I love this one with the "stars" that look like suns (well, that is a star) floating above it.  The detail captured in quilting stitches of the arrows and branch along with the feathers in the wings is remarkable.  The entire quilt was in poor condition but I was very pleased that this motif survived intact.

There are more quilts I photographed but my pictures are not playing nicely.  They appear to be turned the right way in my files but when I try to upload them they flip around and do not cooperate at all.  I will pound away on the computer and see if I can come with more eye candy soon.


  1. Oh WOW!! Jaw dropping indeed! What fabulous, fabulous quilting! This quilter was one very talented artist. Oh I hope you can get the computer to cooperate with your other pictures. I haven't tried stuffing yet but one day I will :0)

  2. That is spectacular. Have you ever been to the museum at Ford's Theater? The coat that Lincoln was wearing the night of the assassination has spectacular quilting in the lining. It is Patriotic in motif, as well.

  3. Stunning! You must live nearby to be able to visit this museum. How wonderful!

  4. I collect eagle photos and patterns too. The eagle on this quilt is amazing!!

  5. WOW that is gorgeous and amazing! Thanks for sharing


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