Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oh good grief

What I remember about when I last sewed was how neatly I had straightened my sewing space.  It took me the better part of a day and a new plastic bin or two but I had things cleared up enough to get some serious machine sewing done.  That was over three months ago and all I've accomplished since then was two little star blocks - they didn't even get pressed (see them on the sewing machine bed?).  Yet, somehow, even though I don't remember being in my sewing room at all this mess appeared.  I don't remember what I was working on and where things belong so how am I supposed to clean up this mess and get back to business?

This is my cutting table.  It's bigger so a lot of stuff can be on it and still leave me room to play.  I did work on the only project I've been able to manage this whole year - stars.  Cut a few out today and packaged them up.  They are all ready to take with me this week.

I would like to get busy on one of these projects but until that first table gets cleared progress is impossible.  Plus, I can't really decide if I want to get back to applique on Mary Mannakee, binding the small quilt under the star blocks, finishing up the red star idea I had over the July 4 holiday or doing more of the blocks from hst for my Edyta project.  So, when in doubt, stitch stars.  Oh, and I did press those two measly star blocks and put them away.
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