Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bits of antiques

Not much going on here - it's hot, I'm busy with non-quilty things like work and an upcoming wedding (DS #1!).  But, I did take a day this week to drive to Flemington, New Jersey, to attend the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Study Group meeting.  The theme was signature quilts and I am such a sucker for signature quilts.  Boy, those New Jersey girls (and historical societies) have some o-l-d quilts.  You'll see what I mean when you examine the fabrics in these pictures.  The detail above is an interesting one.  Every single name was done with the same stamp.  Unless every one of the ladies had her own version, someone had to tweeze the letters out each time and then squeeze the new ones in.

The other interesting thing about that quilt is that the names were stamped in the cornerstones of the quilt.  Normally, I see them in the center of the block.  It is a pretty stamp.

One would be inclined to call the red balls on this quilt berries but they are grapes.  Notice the leaves?  They are grape leaves.  Those berries grapes are stuffed within a millimeter of exploding.  They look a bit like what was growing in my yard after a week of thunderstorms everyday.

I included this one because the inking is just a masterpiece.  The fabrics are pristine, too.  You probably cannot read the writing but it says Sarah Cowin, Lambertville, 1843.  

Last, but hardly least, is another stamped name with more bright, crisp fabric from the early half of the 19th century. I really like this block and I know I've seen some repros very similar to these fabrics.
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