Friday, March 8, 2013

Scrap Happy

I really enjoyed the comments on my last post.  It's good to know others have to work to tame the stash beast and some have been pretty successful at it.  Your suggestions were helpful and motivated me to tackle some of my piles this week.  Frances from Quilting Owl has a way to satisfy the urge to keep fabric lines together, at least for awhile.  She keeps the new fabric out for viewing until it is washed and partially used and then it goes into the color storage.  Thanks for that one Frances because I cut off some strips from my beautiful piles that were crowding me out of my sewing room and they are now put away.  Okay, I'm lying.  But, they are on the table in the basement now, sorted by color and waiting for me to put them away.  That's FIFTY fabrics out of the way in my sewing room!  I think that is an entire year's worth of collecting.  I cut 1-1/4" strips for my stars and 1-1/2" strips for my own version of the scrappy strip quilt Kathie (Inspired by Antique Quilts) showed us on March 5.  After chopping each 1-1/2" strip into pieces for the quilt I had some crumbs left over to make another one of my favorite tiny tiles quilts.  See it laid out above?

I couldn't resist putting some of the strips together into rails.  I am going to have fun with this one.  Question...if you start sewing a new project but don't buy any new fabric does that count as starting a new project?  My opinion is "no".  Since you already had all the fabrics it's like you had started that project already since you bought the fabric for it.  Get it?  I can rationalize pretty much anything.

My latest little tile quilt is the one with the brown border.  I've always used red so I thought I would try it in a different color.  Once I had all the cutting done all I needed to finish the top was the three hours I got while the hubby took a nap.

One last picture and of course it has something to do with the stars.  This is an idea I stole borrowed from Karen Styles' blog.  You know the "Friday Girls" star a day project that got me so excited to double down on my own star project?   Shirley is part of that group and she bought a diary to glue her fabrics and jot down a note about what was happening in her world that day.  Genius!  Let me clarify that I am definitely NOT sewing fast enough for a star a day but at least I've picked out my fabrics about a week out, cut them (well, sometimes) and packaged them up for when I am ready to sew.  It's fun and I love carrying my diary and checking out my fabrics whenever I want.  Thanks for the idea Shirley!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You show me yours and I'll show you mine

(piles of stars - about 70 - on some of the pieced blocks)

I was chatting with Linda at Quilts in the Barn because she's been going gangbusters turning UFO's into quilts lately and I am both impressed and humbled.  As I have mentioned dozens of times, I've been making stars.  By hand, mind, but still just stars, stars, stars.  My comment was that, yet again, my stash has crowded me out of the limited sewing space I have.  So, Linda jokingly told me to show her my stash and she would show me hers.  Well, below is not my stash - oh no, that is far more impressive - but it does depict recent fabric acquisitions all with the purpose of creating more "variety" in my stars.

 (Note the pile of fabrics on the chair that still need ironing)

My problem is I've run out of storage boxes for these new fabrics.  So I move them out of the way when I cut more star pieces and the put them right back while I take my prepared pieces away for hand sewing.

This white metal cart was purchased purely for temporary fabric storage.  It has some long lost 19th century repros and most all of my loud bright contemporary fabrics.  The top was to have been additional work surface but has been covered nearly since day 1 with an assortment of old blocks, old fabrics and new repros that haven't found a permanent home yet.  The laundry next to it?  Well, I always believe in pre-washing and I hate to see a load of laundry go through the cycle without at least a couple of fat quarters along for the ride.  In addition to some clothes and sheets in need of folding you can see some pieces of the new Indigo Crossing line from Moda.

How do you sort your fabric for storage?  When I see a gorgeous fat quarter pack of Judie Rothermel fabrics like this I hate to break up the party and store them by color.  But, long term, I cannot think of a better method for finding fabrics when you need them.  So, until I make the decision (or buy more plastic storage bins), they sit on my sewing table and get moved back and forth (and back and forth and...) each time I need the work surface.

Do you have stash management issues?  Limited work space?  I've shown you mine so you show me yours.  And, please, tell me how to organize the mess!
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