Thursday, August 16, 2012


I finally got back to my sewing machine last Sunday.  My motivation was the arrival of a whole bolt of cheddar colored fabric from Moda.  I've been seeking the Moda Bella cheddar and I found it.  I have all sorts of cheddar projects floating around in my head and I thought I would kick things off with a nine patch.  So I pulled out my brown box and cut lots of squares.

I am also trying to find places to stash the part of the stash that is piled around my house.  Where better to stash it than in a quilt.  So, I cut more squares from this brown spot background.  I only wish I could remember where I bought it since I didn't remember to do math before I got busy cutting.  These squares aren't enough to finish my quilt.  Ah, well, who said it couldn't be controlled scrappy.  There's got to be another fabric that I can use, too.

I took my brown and dots and made some of these.

Now, I have one of these.  I want a quilt that's a little bigger than my usual small quilt but not a big quilt.  I am thinking something I can fold over the back of a chair for a pop of cheddar deliciousness.  So, I figure I will need about 17 more of these blocks.

I also found a delightful shop called Two Thimbles in Bellingham, Washington.  One of the things I like about Pinterest is it shows me things I would not find on my own.  The little "T" quilt (see the pattern sticking out of the bag?) was a project the shop did for their anniversary a couple of years ago.  Fortunately, they were still selling kits on their website.  Do you love the cute little brown bag it is packed in?  I also ordered a couple of stacks of fat quarters in (more) cheddar and indigo.  I have a real hankering for a blue and cheddar quilt, too.

P.S.  Keep your fingers crossed for my machine sewing projects.  When I turned Bernie on last Sunday she insisted on only sewing backwards - again!  I had this problem last year and she was in the hospital for the whole summer.  I turned her off and on a couple of times and she straightened out.  But, it happened again last night and the on and off trick didn't work.  I cleaned her, told her how pretty and smart she was and even tried giving her a bit of a smack.  I think it was the smack because she went back to straight sewing at last.  I know she needs to go in the shop but I don't have time to take her there until at least Saturday and I really would like to finish this top first.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baltimore Applique Society - Lady of Victory quilt

Isn't this quilt gorgeous?  It is the new opportunity quilt from the Baltimore Applique Society.  It is hand appliqued and hand quilted.  It is a replica of an original album quilt owned by Mary Koval and the fabrics are by Windham reproduced from the original quilt's fabrics.  Windham did a fantastic job on the reproductions and because the original quilt is in such wonderful shape this replica really has the look of the original.  I particularly like the way the background fabric looks with the bright appliques.  My block is hard to see since it has white roses on a light background but it is third row down and second from the left.  I blogged about it here.  Below is a picture of my block contribution when it was almost finished.  The BAS members appliqued the blocks and then one single member added all of the embroidery embellishments.  That's the touch that made the quilt really come alive.

Information about tickets will be sent to BAS members in the upcoming newsletter and should be on the website soon, too.  There are patterns available on the BAS website if you think you might want to make one of your own Lady of Victory quilts.  Email me if you do decide to make one.  I had my patterns out this weekend and would like to get started on my own version once I find the right background.  We can cheer each other on.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Turkey red

I belong to a quilt study group called the Eastern Shore Quilt Study Group.  The name is indicative of where we meet which is the eastern shore of Maryland.  In addition to the lure of great quilts shared in the company of wonderful women, there is the allure of fertile farmland and a trip away from the congestion of people and cars where I live.  I must remember to include a photo of the bucolic landscape the next time I am heading to a meeting.

Each month we have a theme and the members share examples from their collections.  I brought the quilt above from my collection because I love the quilting and I bought it because It has yards of a single fabulous turkey red print.  While showing it, another member brought out her extensive collection of examples of turkey red prints.  A good discussion of how to identify early vs. later turkey reds prints ensued.  Now I am motivated to start hunting for my own collection of turkey red print swatches.  We were not able to nail down a date for my quilt although one of the swatches had colors that were identical to mine even though the prints were different.

She also had this fabulous European (I think French) antique turkey red scarf.  It looks new because the colors have held up so well but it is very old and delicate.

This is one of many basket blocks that were shared by another member.  She had about 30 of them and we tried so hard to get her to donate one to each of us for a challenge.  Really, we were just dying to snag one each of these fabulous turkey red prints to add to our own collections.  The assortment of prints in the blocks was so tempting.
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