Monday, June 11, 2012


Sometimes I can get a little too excited about quilt books.  There was a quilt I saw on an auction site that mentioned it was in the book "New Discoveries in American Quilts."  Well, I missed the auction and couldn't afford the quilt anyway because it went for several thousands of dollars (although I thought the price reasonable for what it was).  "How could I have missed that book?" I wondered.  So, I quickly signed into my favorite used book website and found it for a very reasonable price.  Why not get two?  Wouldn't that make a fun blog giveaway?  The thing with used book websites, though, is they often don't have a photo of the book cover.  I ordered what I wanted and THEN went to Amazon where I found a photo of said book cover.  Whoops!  Right away I knew I'd seen that book before and, of course, found it right with my other antique quilt books.

So, now I have two for a fun blog book giveaway.  Below is the page with the quilt I saw on the auction website.  It isn't a very detailed picture which is disappointing because I'd love to get a closer look at the quilt (it's on the page on the left).

This book has great photos of very old quilts (pre-1850) and Amish quilts, red and green, and much more.

The two above are just a couple of examples of the inspiration to be had.

There is also a photo of the quilt that inspired the "nearly insane" quilt.

AND...I think this one wound up at the American Folk Art Museum although it is attributed here to a private collection.

So, now for the fun blog giveaway part.  If you would like to own a copy of this book (you might want to check your collection first!) then leave me a comment.  I will send it to anywhere - worldwide - and there are two chances to win.  Two extra books, you know!  I loved the comments I got for my last post regarding the drought in repro fabrics.  So, tell me which era you love when it comes to antique quilts.  Is it the very early stuff?  Amish?  The 20th century?  The red and green era (that's me!!)?  Or, something else.

One quick technical note...I love to respond to your comments but if you are a I have no way of contacting you so leave an email address in your comment.  Oh, and the deadline for getting your name in the drawing is Thursday, June 14 at midnight eastern daylight savings time.  I will notify the winners on Friday.
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