Sunday, February 19, 2012

All I've done... piece these little houses from scraps. They are so fun and satisfying. You really can't go wrong combining the fabrics and I find hand stitching to be sooo relaxing. Maybe a little too relaxing since I am still having trouble with that whole stitching and snoring thing. Life's been busy lately and when I sit down to sew I fall asleep, needle in hand.

Actually, I've done just a little more than piece the houses. I have two more finishes for 2012 thanks to Bellwether's hand quilters.

The quilt above is from the hand piecing class I took with Jo Morton a couple of years ago. That was fun and I am pleased I actually finished the class project. That never happens with me. I think putting so much time into hand piecing the stars motivated me to get it done. I always like a quilt bordered in half square triangles, too.

I am finding myself attracted to every quilt I see with the color cheddar in it. What is it about that color? This is my small quilt made from the leftover fabric bits I've been storing. Doesn't the cheddar fabric make the other pieces look delicious? Maybe it's just me.

I am doing some hand quilting of my own and maybe one day soon I'll be finished and posting those photos. But, before then I will be showing my red and white baskets. I got my card from Bellwether yesterday that it's already quilted!! That means I will be able to put it in my guild's show this June before I send it to Linda for the Quilts in the Barn raffle.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

She made this...from that

I shared the antique quilt below at a local quilt study group in October and blogged about it here. Jean Fries from Bellwether Dry Goods was inspired by it and made her own version which is photographed above. I really like it and she was kind enough to let me share it with you. The quilt is available for purchase on the Bellwether website and you should visit the Bellwether Facebook page to see more of their awesome work.

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