Friday, November 18, 2011

A quilter's wish list

I went to the Baltimore Applique Society meeting last Wednesday and did a little shopping for myself. I thought I would share my goodies with you because they would be great to add to a personal Christmas list or make good gifts for the quilters in your life. BAS has reprint the Elizabeth MacCullough Hervey quilt pattern (above). For those who do not know about BAS patterns, the organization has made patterns from numerous antique Baltimore Album quilts. Some are used as BAS fundraisers and others are donated to a museum or historical society as a fundraiser for that organization - the Mary Mannakee quilt is one of these. The "Hervey" pattern is one of the most elaborate album quilts and was out of print for some time. Now is the time to get yours before it is gone again. Oh, forgot to mention, it includes a CD with excellent photos of each of the original quilt's blocks. You can view the pattern on the BAS website here.

Another little stocking stuffer or secret santa idea is these cards. The quilts pictured are past BAS raffle quilts. Each package has 4 cards of the same picture.

My favorite goodie is the 2008 Baltimre Album Quilt Calendar. I know, it is nearly 2012 but I didn't buy it for the dates. I got it for the pictures. It is a must-have for admirers of Baltimore Album Quilts! The spiral-bound appointment calendar book contains full photographs of twenty six antique Baltimore Album Quilts - many of which have never been previously photographed, displayed or published. This is more than just a calendar as it compares similar blocks, gives detailed descriptions and history based on current research of the twenty six quilts. You can order it here. Quantities are very limited.

I am just a member of BAS and lover of album quilts. I have no personal interest in promoting their products.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these links! You have picked up some real treasures here and I think I will put a good word into 'Santa' for myself :D

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. That reprinted pattern boggles my mind. I don't applique, so I admire from afar. Those of you who tackle these projects have my respect and awe.
    Now the notecards I could use! : )

  3. Beautiful gift ideas. I have the calendar and second your review - It is a must have.
    I have a couple of thier patterns and they are lovely. Someday I hope to tackle a block or two.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. oh I have that calendar too have to get it back out and take a look again
    those note cards are adorable.
    someday I hope I can make a quilt like that!
    oh to be able to applique like that would be amazing!
    ps I need those note cards !

  5. Wonderful gifts for yourself or a friend. I like those cards.

  6. What a lovely lot of goodies. Christmas is only 34 days away, I better get busy with my Santa list.

  7. what nice new things to inspire you. I have the 2008 calendar too and love to look at the comparisons.

  8. Hi Taryn I found your blog when I googled repro chedder yellow !! so glad I did love all your work ..I too love Antique Quilts & repro fabric I am at present colleting Civil War fabric & plan to use it next year when my group do the Farmers Wife Quilt ...will be back soon

  9. I didn't know you were from Baltimore! How I envy you. I got that pattern, too. It's my favorite BA pattern.

  10. Great gift ideas...I too would have bought that calendar for the pictures.

  11. I've gotten away from applique in the last few years, and your post reminded me how much I love Baltimore blocks and how much fun I had making them. I need to get back to that! Why are there so few hours in a day?


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