Monday, July 11, 2011

Bernie's in rehab

I also thought about titling this one "If it's a national holiday then something's going to break." I had Big Plans for doing some quilting over the Memorial Day holiday weekend at the end of May. But, our air conditioner went on the fritz at the same time Mother Nature sent us record heat for "so early in the season." Instead of quilting (I wilted at the thought of quilts) I imitated my late Golden Retriever and sprawled out in front of the fan with my tongue hanging out while I panted. The a/c is repaired and we are much cooler now. So, again, I had Big Plans for stitching over the July 4 holiday weekend. Friday night was good...I stayed up late starting another red and white project. When Saturday morning dawned, I slipped down to my sewing cave to stitch a few more Bernina would only sew...backwards. Believe me, I considered compensating by feeding the fabric in backwards but the little naggy voice in my head kept saying, "call 9-1-1; this ain't normal." I dropped Bernie off at the repair shop and got the news yesterday that she's slipped a cam and needs "refurbishing." I told the repaid wizard, "whatever it takes." She and I go way back and I hope to keep her around for a long time to come.

So, with no machine to distract me, I am working away on the next block from the Flower Garden quilt. I also took note of the amount of bright fabrics I have managed to accumulate. Impressive for someone who was only going to "pick up a few fat quarters." Who else needs some rehab? Hmm? I indulged myself with some photos of the ones I've pre-washed and ironed.

This last photo in the part of the stash that is still waiting on the pre-wash.


  1. You have my sympathy. I know how hard it is to have your best friend in repair shop. This too shall pass.

  2. How long before the release date? Can you survive or have withdrawal symptoms set in?

    ps I have that gorgeous fabric in your last photo in my basket quilt - love it! And all the rest

  3. oh mine needs to go in for a maintenance I just can't seem to part with it right now!
    maybe I better before I do more damage
    love seeing all the pretty fabrics, I should get back to this quilt too
    maybe i need a week or two of applique as well.

  4. It looks like a bit more than a couple of FQers- a whole new stash! LOL What great fabrcis!!

    I hope your machine is fixed soon.

  5. Oh No, Anxiety! I hate when my Bernina has to go in for routine maintenance. I am also a firm believer that a quilter can wear out a sewing machine, even a Bernina. Hopefully the maintenance guy will be fast and have the parts on hand. Your lovely Kaffe stash is growing! I am dying to go and pick up a few fat quarters of his new summer fabric releases.
    Happy Stitching,

  6. What a great group of brights you have! Your flower blocks are really pretty!

  7. You know, my machine can sit downstairs for weeks unused but just as soon as it needs a repair, it's like I NEED to sew everyday. My machine is named "the queen" and I have a hard time getting along without her.

  8. I'm sorry Bernie needs referbishing. I was at a retreat this weekend and my Janome was doing that. I called my sewing machine repair guy (aka, my husband) and he told me to make sure my stitch selector was actually seated on a stitch. Well, it wasn't and as soon as I made that little adjustment, it ran like a dream.

  9. I have never heard of a sewing machine only sewing backwards. That would be a challenge even for the most seasoned stitcher. Hope the repair is not too expensive and digging into your fabric buying funds.

  10. Hope you have her back soon.
    What a great stash - very beautiful fabrics!

  11. I have my Mom's 59 year-old Bernina, my 33 year-old Viking, and my 4 year-old Pfaff. They all play nicely together and when one has to go to in for an attitude adjustment, the others fill in as best they can!
    Lots of fun fabrics there!

  12. The fabric you have laid out on the green rotary cutting board are great! They remind me of the times my mom took me to Liberty House in the 70s. The colors are groovy.

  13. Oh, poor you and poor machine. I feel for you both.
    Lovely fabrics. Gives you time to prep and cut out blocks for other quilts so you will be ready to sew when you get your AC and machine back.


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