Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Surfing for inspiration

Do you ever have those days (weeks, months) where, despite a stunning stash, inspiration just won't come? That's where I am now. Sure, I've got a few (dozen) projects on the go so I am still doing some stitching. But, the excitement just isn't there. I need to find a new project to start. I've been reading your blogs and so many of you have some exciting things going. I see quite a few are heading off or just returning from quilt retreats. Now, that is something that could restart the creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing your pictures and reminding me that I need to spend more time in the company of quilters, whether virtually or literally.

In addition to surfing the web for a quilty kick in the pants, I also delved into my quilt photo collection. I am always impressed when I see a big quilt made of thousands of tiny pieces. Remember the incredible nine-patch I showed a couple years ago? The quilt above is from the collection of the Crists, a husband and wife team of avid quilt collectors. No, the rock isn't mine! Sigh...

Here's another amazing quilt full of tiny pieces - also from the Crist's collection. Leave it to a fellow quilter to travel with a tape measure so you can get an accurate idea of the scale of these blocks.

And, finally, another quilt I found inspirational. The double nine-patch is one of my all-time favorite patterns and you cannot beat it in red and white. Check out the quilting on this one. It is stunning! None of the hands in this photo are mine either. If they were, the next photo would have been of the owner trying to drag it away from me. I must have 20 pictures of this one quilt.


  1. Oh Taryn, you are too funny! I need a magnifying glass to see my rock! LOL I love it anyway!!
    I have seriously considered doing a db nine patch in red and white for my 2011 commemorative quilt. I love that one although my blocks will probably be bigger and quilting not as heavy! LOL

  2. Just seen your banner - if that isn't inspiration then I don't know what is. Love those tiny blocks but that would take forever to piece - wouldn't it? Not trying to put you off though..

  3. I love quilts with tiny pieces too - and I think they're fun to make. The quilting on the last one is beautiful - wish I could see it in person.

  4. Wow that pinwheel quilt is to die for! The red and white one too!! I hope you can get inspired soon. I'm trying to not get inspired and to finish something instead. Don't you just stand in awe of someone with the perserverance to stitch such dense quilting.

  5. Hi Taryn, Kudos for blogging about the 'inspiration that won't come'. Many folks shy away from commenting on it and it's tremendously helpful to get it out there, to be authentic. Thanks for the pics with tiny pieces, and your blog header is gorgeous. I am interested to learn how your readers have addressed a lack of inspiration. Has this ever happened before? What did you do?

  6. Beautiful quilts, love the small scale - all the better to work more fabrics in...Irish chain is stricking - the quilted border look devine.
    Looking forward to hearing what you next project will be!

  7. Oh boy! I'm in love with all three of these quilts! Three more to add to my 'must-do' list! Yippee!

    I'm also loving that header....especially the little primitive baskets quilt (center pic, bottom row)! LOVE it! It's just like the one in Terri Zegart's book 'Quilts - An American Heritage'. It's so delicate and charming! And also on my list to do! lol

    Hope you find your inspiration's a devil when it's hiding!

  8. Beautiful quilts, love them all. Just get in the car, go to your local quilt shop and walk in the door.Something or someone will get you going again.

  9. Oh aren't these wonderful! Wouldn't it be so lovely to have those quilts!

  10. Me too, I love quilts with tiny piece. I definitely surf around for inspiration when needed or sometimes to get me interested in my own projects again.

  11. oh ok I love little blocks, as you know! and nine patches are my FAV
    but a double nine patch just makes my heart go pitter patter very FAST!
    and then red and white....ok now you have me going here and its only 4 am
    oh my......oh my.....of course I want to see the other 19 pictures!
    Kathie wheres the red and white fabric????

  12. Good luck with the inspiration thing. I tend to have the opposite problem - too many ideas and not enough time. I design quilts in my head when I want to stop worrying about something. I know they won't all get made, but it keeps me occupied!
    Love those little blocks! I think the 4 patch with the alternate yellow is my favorite.

  13. Hi
    I saw the Crist's collection at a study day with Judy grow - were you there, lol?
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts. That nine-patch is to die for!!

  14. I love those quilts with tiny pieces!! And particularly like your cheddar project.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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