Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Applique is slow

This is my contribution to the next Baltimore Applique Society raffle quilt. It is nearly finished. Good thing because I am already 10 days past the deadline. I had months to do it but of course waited until the last minute to start since it looked like a pretty easy block. And it is. But, I am a very slow applique stitcher. While I am often accused of not taking time out of life to "stop and smell the roses," I often take time while sewing to stop and admire the stitches - and the fabrics. The red from Mary Koval's recent Baltimore Album ca. 1847 fabrics is gorgeous and quite perfect for the flowers. Fortunately, I only have one last large flower to stitch down and then the main stem plus two weird little leaves. For some reason, they look to me like wads of chewing gum stuck on the stem. If the block was for me I'd leave them out or turn them into more buds. I like the buds. There is some embroidery embellishment to be done but fortunately that is someone else's job. I am not a big fan of embroidery on album quilts; just a matter of personal taste. I am sure I will like it when someone else does the work.

Above are the accumulated stars I've been making as "leaders and enders" over the last 3-1/2 years. I signed up for a BOM program through a retailer never mentioned here and which shall remain nameless. It is for the Carol Hopkins Designs pattern "Tribute to Judie." All the fabrics are Marcus Fabrics designed by Judie Rothermel. I thought the BOM would be a good way to do the quilt and get loads of different prints which is the charm of the design. There ARE many different prints but I think there is a preponderance of the ugly ones. Perhaps I am paranoid, but I often think shops use the scrappy BOM programs to unload the prints that don't sell. Please don't be offended if you are a shop owner and you DON'T do this. I have shopped with you and mentioned you with love on this blog. Plus, I sincerely appreciate the role played by the ugly fabrics in a quilt. They have their place. Not everyone can be a star (no pun intended) but a little contrast is appreciated.

These two blocks are my least favorite and really it is the one on the left that bugs me the most. There are others that blend into the background but when I finished this one I wondered why I bothered at all. Bleah. I also don't like the color rust. Of course, I am not holding that against the poor BOM program.

These two I really do like and would have preferred to see more with color other than brown/tan (and rust!).

Here are a bunch of them together. It isn't as bad as I thought it would be but once they are set together with the alternate squares I am fearing they aren't going to "pop" to my liking. The setting squares are brown, as are the border fabrics.

This is the quilt as it appears on the actual pattern. See? Lots of lively colors - not everyone is lively but there are lots. I know, I can certainly add in more fabrics from my extensive J.R. stash but I am complaining on principle. The fabric in this quilt, as purchased through the BOM program, cost close to $300 (spread over 24 months). Besides, if I swap out blocks from my stash I'll have a leftover pile of truly awful blocks. Then what do I do?
Here's hoping that once I do get the top put together I will love it and will be retracting all of the grousing I just wrote. Thanks for hearing me out.
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