Sunday, October 17, 2010

Star of LeMoyne, LeMoyne Star, Lemon Star

Whatever you call the traditional eight-pointed star, it's delicious. I am still working on hand piecing my own "Lemon Stars" (I love that version of the name) but progress has slowed - more on that below.

Thanks to Kathie and Victoria, I found out about the quilt exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum when I was in New York city earlier this week. Luckily, I had a break between my scheduled events and was able to squeeze in a quick visit to the AFAM. The "Year of the Quilt" is an exhibit being done in two parts. So, if you are able to get to NY, you can catch part 1 until mid-April and part 2 opens in early May. There are supplemental exhibits at AFAM branch locations. "Super Stars" opens in November 2010 and there is an exhibit of red and white quilts scheduled for one short week in March 2011.

There were many excellent examples of old (mostly traditonal but not all) quilts. One highlight was seeing the quilt top that inspired the "Civil War Bride" pattern and quilt. The photos I've seen definitely did't do that one justice. My particular favorite was this quilt that has something like 405 (math in my head so pleased don't hold me to the exact number) "lemon stars." My best guess is that these little cuties are about 2.5" each. Oh my!

As mentioned, I am still plugging away at hand piecing my own 3.25" stars. Let's see, the goal was 1 per day but it's taken 42 days to make the nine pictured below. More math in my head and I think that means I am only making 1 every 4-5 days. Oh well, you do what you can.

Moda has new "Collection for a Cause-Hope" fabrics out that are based on an antique quilt. Frankly, I am not crazy about the way the reproduction fabrics on this one turned out but they have a kit that comes packed in this adorable tin lunchbox that carries an image of the original quilt. Too bad you have to buy the kit to get the tin--I'd love to own that. It would be perfect for storing my completed Lemon Stars.

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