Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blue and White quilts

I love blue and white quilts--especially those that are hand quilted. A few posts ago I showed my start on an smallish Ohio Star I am making out of indigo and white. I made a little progress (at last!) but my camera is currently on a trip to Africa (see last post). Instead, I am browsing my quilt photos and thought I'd try a Picasa collage to spice things up and highlight my blue and white color theme. And I'll share some of my blue, white, plus a splash of color quilts. The Hole in the Barn Door (some may say Churn Dash) quilt below is what is affectionately called "a country quilt" which means it isn't too well stitched or quilted. I always find it charming when things aren't matchy-matchy like the piecing in the detail in the second picture below.

The blue basket quilt below is an example of finer workmanship and yes that is hand quilting you see in the detail although the basket handles are machine stitched onto the background.

This is another old-ish blue and white quilt in my collection. A simple pattern (is it Shoo-fly?) but excellent hand quilting.

Finally, who can resist blue, white and RED. This is actually a quilt I made. It's from a Black Mountain Quilts pattern. At least, I am pretty sure that is what the pattern was. I am a very naughty quilt documenter and rarely put labels on my quilts. I learned and perfected the back-basting applique method when I did the 100+ stars on this one. It was machine quilted by a local lady named Linda Newsom. I think she did a fabulous job on the quilting. I just love machine stippling.


  1. I really love blue and white quilts...also love red and white quilts...also love....all quilts:) Your examples are wonderful.

  2. They are beautiful quilts Taryn, I do like the basket quilt and the Churn Dash quilt!

  3. I love 2 color quilts and red/green/cheddar appliques. Your stars are magnificent, hats off to you for hand quilting the stars....all those points, yikes! Beautiful show and tell, thanks for sharing.

  4. Blue and white quilts, red and white quilts...they tend to stick to my fingers at the antique vendor's stalls! Their simplicity is so refreshing. Loved your quilts.

  5. I certainly do like blue & white quilts. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I just posted some photos of antique quilts. A couple are blue & white ones. Take a look when you have time.

  6. oh blue and white quilts are just so fresh looking to me
    I love them
    love your collage of quilts
    the basket is my favorite, great size and the quilting is beautiful
    they are all beautiful to me!
    Kathie who really appreciates you sharing your quilts with us

  7. Lovely blue and white quilts! FYI, the Lowell (MA) Quilt Festival begins tomorrow and will include an exhibit of antique blue and white quilts. The New England Quilt Museum gift shop is selling a new calendar that features photos of antique blue and white quilts. I believe some patterns are included but I'm not certain.
    You can read about the festival here:
    and here:
    You can read about the blue and white quilt exhibit here:

  8. Shall I wipe the drool off my keyboard now? LOL
    Love the blue and whites!! The basket is lovely and the quilting is fantastic.

    And I love the country quilt too! So much charm with the little sewing quirks.

  9. Taryn, you never cease to entertain us with your fabulous collections! I love the collage. Got to try it. I love the churn dash. Please don't stop sharing. My mother has a Lonestar quilt that both my grandparents pieced and quilted. I drool over it each time I visit. I may photograph the one and only antique in my possession and post it soon. Your blog inspires me!

  10. Can't go past Blue and White quilts, I really love the hole in the barn door with the pink tramming, I could easy covert that one.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Thankyou so much Taryn for the parade of gorgeous Blue and White quilts

  12. They are all lovely, but I particularly like the blue, white and RED one you made. Very nice!

  13. Great post! I love the Hole in the Barn Door quilt - it has some great fabrics and looks so soft and cuddly.

  14. They're each so inspiring, lovely, especially the endearing scrappiness of the hole in the barn door quilt. Don't scrappy quilts just draw you into them? They do me, and I richly enjoy inspecting all the differences among all the blocks within the quilt.

  15. They are gorgeous Taryn!! In my early days as a quilter I made a couple of blue/ecru ones, they still bring my joy!! Thanks for sharing those wonderful photo's!! happy sewing, Daniëlle

  16. Lovely quilts!! thanks for all the beautiful eye candy.
    I especially love the first one, the churn dash, those colors just speak to me!

  17. These are all beautiful quilts Taryn. I rarely use blue in my quilts. That being said, I will be showing a new doll's quilt I made in blues very soon and have another in blue and brown waiting to be hand quilted. The most simple quilts do show off hand quilting well as with the ShooFly and baskets quilts. I have spent most of my afternoon hand quilting and it is so relaxing.

    Hugs from Holland ~

    P.S. - Hope your Strawberry Fields is taken from the UFO stack soon as I will be excited to see it.

  18. Oooo... Aahhhhh... !!! I too love 2-colour quilts too and have been toying with the idea of making one. I favour blue and white too and was thinking of doing stars, but now that I have seen your pics, I am unsure of what to do. So many quilty options, so little time!

  19. You have good taste, I see my signature album quilt on the bottom of your quilt collage. It is from Kansas about 1925 and has my favorite quilt signature - Sunshine Brown. I purchased it from Cindy's antique quilts.


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