Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What she said

I was holding off posting hoping to finally have a finished (by me) quilt to show but this has been a no-quilting summer. Sigh. So, I thought I’d cover my inadequacies by pulling out my celebrity look alike quilts. When I saw Kathie's latest published quilt it made me think of this red, green and tan quilt of mine. I am not sure of its date, but it's an oldie. Only half of the quilt is shown because I only had one quilt holder to press into service for the photo session. The block also brings to mind Strawberry Fields by the queen of the quilt-a-long, Lori.

The crib quilt above reminds me of an applique quilt posted by Lori today. The applique borders have a similar "zig zaggy" look. The stitching on the applique is nearly invisible and the quilting (see below) is perfection. Too bad most of the fabrics in the flowers have faded to white and are so thin you can see the fabric beneath.

On Ann Hermes' blog today she posted a picture of an adorable brown doll quilt so I thought I would pull out my brown doll quilt. I don't have an old doll bed on which to display it but I thought I'd photograph it on my cutting board so you could see its diminuitive size--approximately 8"x11". I think this one could really use a bath but I haven't yet plucked up the courage to douse it.

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