Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I 'heart' house quilts

Have you ever been seized with the urge to run away? That is what I want to do right now. I want to pack my favorite things (I am sure you can guess what those are) and tie them to a stick and march off with my rotary cutter sticking out of my back pocket. Spring is a busy, busy time both professionally and personally. I haven't touched my own quilting for weeks. I haven't even indulged myself with a long lunch hour reading blogs. Well, enough, I say! I packed up my laptop and am outside in the shade, blog reading my brains out. Since I don't have any of my own work to share, I thought I'd post some pictures of some of my antique quilts. House blocks and quilts are my favorites. The red and white one above is my most unique quilt.

The blue and white one below was larger at one time, but was so damaged on the outside houses the dealer had them cut off and rebound the resulting smaller quilt with the original binding. It still has some nasty gouges, but they are on the back and don't affect the display qualities. The new compact size makes it much more versatile for hanging.

This is a top that is still in excellent shape. It appeals to me because the houses all face the same direction and don't make you feel like you want to stand on your head when looking at it.

Finally, this is another antique house quilt. I love the hand quilting on this one which you can see in the block detail picture at the bottom of this post. Interestingly, both side rows of house blocks are machine quilted. Did our quilter of old get a machine late in the quilting process or did she say, "@#$% this quilt! I'm finishing it today!"

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