Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not much getting done here

January means no more fun with family and back to work. Not much sewing going on right now, but I did make sure to start my new projects for the new year. Here is block 1 of my calendar quilt and I am almost done the first part of Lori's doll quilt project.

How did I let such an opportunity to stay home and sew slip right through my fingers?


  1. You've made a start and that's the important part. The cheddar and crackers quilt will look so great with the fabrics you picked out. That's a lot of snow, I wish I could send you some of our heat.

  2. Oh, don't feel bad, the vacation days go by in extra-fast-motion. The block is darling and that poor car lol.

  3. Love the color combo in the calendar block.
    Looking forward to seeing your cheese & crakers.
    Stay Warm

  4. I love the little block you made!!
    I love the blue sky and white snow. I'm still waiting for more then a lttle of the white stuff.

  5. Great fabric combo in your block. I just keep looking at it!

  6. You certainly have perfect points on your quilt piecing! Very nice!


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