Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Those of you who have football (American) watching husbands will find my title phrase familiar. I get excited when the weather turns cooler and college and professional football comes back to television because that means quilting time for me! The hubby likes to spend a Sunday afternoon relaxing in front of the telly watching games and napping. He likes for me to join him and I am happy to keep him company. Not because I am a football fan, but because I can stitch for hours without interruption. How sweet is that? Time with my favorite person and my favorite hobby.

The one drawback to stitching with the telly is the lighting in that room isn't too great. That wasn't a problem until recently when my eyesight decided I was...ah-hem...middle aged. So, I am finding this wool project to be a solution to the poor eyes problem. The pieces are big, the style is primitive (i.e., the occasional crooked or big stitch is "design"), and the colors are bold. So, here is what I will be doing today and I can't wait. If I get tired of hearing football talk I'll pop in my ipod and listen to a book (wink).


  1. Those colours look wonderful! Look forward to seeing it progress.

  2. I love it! I've been itching to get a wool project started too....soon.....soon.
    What is the name of the pattern?

  3. this is just beautiful colors , going to be a great quilt
    oh don't you just love it when they watch football, for me its a free afternoon on the weekend!
    I appliqued today too!

  4. This project looks exciting, the colours are gorgeous.

  5. Love the colours..look forward to seeing your progress..
    Our football season is about to week is the final between the last two teams..Then cricket and tennis starts!
    Julia ♥

  6. How pretty! Fun Sunday afternoon, stitching away.

  7. Ott Light by my comfy chair ~ a must. Love your wool colors, Enjoy!

  8. Love your colour choices. I love my Ottlight and would not be without it. I would not be without my talking book. Way to go.

  9. I just found you blog and love what you're working on! I'll be back soon to read your archives.
    (The Quilt Merchant is my local shop!)

  10. I hear you about football....lots of sewing time during the games...woo hoo! The wool has really caught my eye!!

  11. Perfect!! I love spending time like that with my DH!! I have a floor lamp that pops over my shoulder so that I can hand-stitch and watch telly while DH reads. (This means I wear wireless headphones, but that is good too). It's the companionship that counts, because it sure ain't the football!! LOL!!


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