Monday, March 30, 2009

My pot of gold IS the rainbow

Recently I discovered a treasure right under my nose. I was straightening my sewing area and happened upon a large plastic container with many leftover pieces of reproduction fabrics. Since I've only recently gotten back into quilting after a many years break, I'd forgotten I saved my scraps so diligently (guess I couldn't even part with the little pieces of repros). Additionally, since it's been so long since I used those fabrics it was just like they were new again! I poked around in my little pot of gold and found a small pile of leftover triangles from some flying geese made years ago. So, a part of the jumble of fabrics above became this:

Now, this definitely did not make a dent in my stash as it only measures about 6"x8" but I still felt like I accomplished something. In fact, it spurred me on to see just how much fun I could have with that box of scraps. Determined not to repeat a single fabric, I tried a charm quilt and found that my scrap box had at least 99 different fabrics.

I can't wait to see what else I can make from these pieces. Of course, in order to get more scraps, I need to make some quilts from some new fabrics. Time to shop for fabric!


  1. I love both of these little quilts. I am in the process of using my reproduction stash. So far I have made about 60 of the Civil War Diary and Love Letter blocks, a set of pieced blocks for another quilt, a nine patch, my mini tumbler and now my circles. I am so excited to find your blog today.

  2. I came over to meet you from Juliann's blog. I like reproduction fabrics and quilts, though it is not something I do exclusively.

  3. Love these quilts!
    oh I love reproduction fabrics too!

  4. Love your quilts... and scraps are almost never to small to throw away... ;o)

  5. They are both beautiful projects. I've been planning on making a tumbler quilt, well forever, but just haven't done it yet. Hopefully someday soon.


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