Saturday, January 24, 2009

Did I say this blog was about quilting?

Okay, I started this process with the intent to inspire (myself mainly) the making and enjoying of historically influenced reproduction quilts.  It's been a whole month since my initial post (NOT about quilting) and I've neither "blogged" nor quilted.  I have read some great blogs (will add list later) and even attended a quilt class (Dear Jane).  I also bought a nifty new camera to chronicle in images my quilting progress.  How appropriate that said nifty new camera is still in the bag in which it rode home from the store.  I think I am trying to swim upstream and am getting swept away by a strong current.

My "quilt studio" is a table in my laundry room where I keep my cutting mat, sewing machine and pieces of various projects under construction.  Tools and other supplies are lovingly stored in a cart under the table.  The "stash" is stashed in the basement on some great shelves purchased at Ikea.  

Unfortunately, the "quilt studio" is constantly under siege and threatened by interlopers (aka, the hubby who thinks he's allowed to touch anything on that table).  Before I had to venture forth into the world of paid employment I was able to stake my claim daily to the "quilt studio."  All in my realm knew that was my domain and feared to come near.  Alas, as I said, I ventured out of the realm into the workforce and relaxed my vigil.  Slowly, laundry crept onto the table, followed by detritus from cars and finally the GYM BAG.  The hubby, finding the "quilt studio" unused and unguarded began to use the table as the launch pad and refueling station for his forays into exercise world.  It was home base for the ritual of purging the gym bag of smelly used workout clothes and empty water bottles and refilling with the newly clean garments from the laundry pile (that never seems to get folded anymore).  

After several years, I snapped out of my non-quilting doldrums and grabbed my vacuum and dust cloth and reclaimed the "quilt studio" for my own.  But the subjects do not respect the studio as my exclusive domain anymore.  During the recent month, I was again lax in security and suddenly the non-quilty stuff is back.  Time is limited and I cannot play with my fabric because I cannot get to the "studio."  What will it take to again dig out my playthings and start yet again to enjoy the cutting and stitching of that oh so pretty fabric?

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