Friday, December 26, 2008

I Love my Husband

Early in 2008 my 50 year old-thin as you can be-runs five miles a day-husband had a major heart attack. So, you can imagine that the thought of "things" for Christmas paled in comparison to just having him here at all. These events were preceded by the discovery of the joys of having all of the kids away at college and the rebirth of our relationship as a "couple." We started doing couples things like spending Saturday morning at Whole Foods planning our meals together for the weekend. This was a big event since this man had never put a toe in a grocery store in his life. Christmas Eve was the benchmark in that new relationship because I sent him to the grocery store for me alone (kind of a test to see what he's learned).

How did this happen after twenty-five years, you ask? We are juggling cars (five drivers, three cars--you do the math) so I had to take the hubby's car that morning. He was facing the second day at home without wheels so he was feeling trapped, even though he didn't have anything AT ALL to do. He made me promise that I would bring his car back at noon even though I was leaving at 10am. I took son #1 to work, did most of my Christmas shoppping for two of the three kids and made it home by 12:00pm on the dot. This feat was not accomplished without some sacrifices.

When assessing my options I determined that someone else was going to have to go to Whole Foods for me. Keep in mind, the Whole Foods trip today was for the few items I missed when I did the BIG SHOP earlier this week. You know the one, you return home exhausted, broke, schlep the bags into the house, stare at everything you need to put away... Anyway...I told him when I got home that I needed him to do some errands and he said yes. I showed him the list and his lip actually curled. I told him, "too late, you gotta do it."

As I said, the list wasn't long. Here it is, exactly as written:
Red potatoes - about 8 (these are for hash browns tomorrow, you like hashbrowns)
Green lentils - 1-1/2 cups (check bulk food section--where you eat the pistachios)
Garlic-fresh (this is a white papery ball that you find near the onions)
Dijon mustard (same place where they keep the ketchup)
Shrimp (you know what to do)
Butter - NOT unsalted
Ground Beef - extra lean

Now, here is what I received....
First, there was the phone call from the bulk food section...

Hubby: Okay, I got the guy with me, they don't have green lentils.
Me: Get brown.
The Guy: Mumble, mumble.
Hubby: Do you have to have green or can you substitute? (can you believe he even thought of substituting?)
Me: Get brown.
The Guy: Mumble, mumble.
Hubby: They don't have brown in bulk.
The Guy: Mumble, mumble.
Hubby to The Guy: These are brown.
The Guy: Mumble, mumble.
Hubby to me: He says they have green, but the green look brown.
Me: Get the green.

Second, phone call, from seafood section....

Hubby: I'm not pushing this cart all over the store. I'm staying put.
Hubby to seafood guy: I want 2 pounds of shrimp steamed and spiced. I'm going to leave this here (the cart) and I'll be back in 10 minutes.
Hubby to me: Got it. (click)

As he explained it to me when he got home, he "centralized" grocery shopping. He "parked" the cart and started asking questions of the employees to find what was on my list. Then he and the employees brought everything to the cart which was parked by the seafood section.

Now, see list above and then read what I got:

Butter - unsalted (seriously????)
Green lentils - 8 cups
Red Potatoes - 8 (how impressed am I?)
Garlic-fresh (organic,no less!)
Dijon mustard
Shrimp (he knew what to do-the man did work in a fish market all through college)
Ground beef-extra lean (note: I didn't specify how much. I told him I would grill hamburgers like he liked. I was THINKING 1 pound. But I did not specify. I now have FIVE pounds of extra lean ground beef. Tacos anyone?)

Pepperjack cream cheese (didn't someone have a heart attack this year?)
Cheddar and port wine cheese (didn't someone have a heart attack this year?)
Crostini (23 grams of carbs per 8 crackers - wasn't someone diagnosed with diabetes which caused the heart attack this year?)

BUT (and this is why I love my husband)

On our "couples" trips to Whole Foods he noticed that I buy hummus when "little" son #2 (6'4" and growing) is home and he picked up a container of hummus (I buy "original" and I now have "dill hummus") AND he knows that I like salmon and he brought home a piece of blackened salmon. Can anyone ask for more for Christmas? He actually thought of me.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! To those who have been married for more than 25 years, I envy you. To those who are working their way up--it is worth the effort. My husband is my biggest pain in the behind and my biggest joy. I tell people that Hubby has three kids and I have four. I love them all and am glad I get to keep one forever.
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